Danielle Ross is a choreographer, performer, curator, and scholar originally from Portland, Oregon. She is on the board of the Creative Music Guild and co-founded Pure Surface, a monthly series combining video, poetry, and performance artists to create short length, collaborative works. In 2011, she co-founded the international dance newspaper FRONT, which has spanned five editions and included contributions from choreographers and curators, including Keith Hennessy, keyon gaskin, Dana Michel, SF MOMA’s Frank Smiegel, and Sarah Shelton Mann. Her work has been supported by the Oregon Arts Commission, numerous Regional Arts and Culture Council project grants, residencies at Studio 2 and Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts’ Resource Room, and PICA/Andy Warhol Foundation’s Precipice Fund. Ross has choreographed and independently produced full length productions since 2010: Make the Air Thick (2010), To Remember is to Jump Around There (2012), Togetherness (2014), and Apparatus (2017). Her most recent work, Apparatus, looked at feedback looping in social and cultural identity and was performed at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in July, 2017. Prior, Ross toured her short solo It’s Like This Out There, It’s Like This in Here to Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She has worked with choreographers Linda Austin, Bouchra Ouizguen, Zoe|Juniper, and Dawn Stoppiello. Currently, she is a graduate student in Northwestern’s Performance Studies PhD program. Her work focuses on transfer, cross-temporality, and culture generation as methods for political activation in staged dance works.