Photo:Chelsea Petrakis

Photo:Chelsea Petrakis

Begun in 2017, Apparatus began with an exploration into the sonic technique of feedback looping and what it could symbolize about identity. In a social feedback loop, what and who are lost? What remains to be seen and heard? Apparatus considers how information moves and how we read another body in space. It is an attempt at performative mirroring, a vulnerability game, a rant, and a dance about the crossroads of self-through-self's-eyes and self through the eye of the other. What happens when the dance interrogates the many systems in which bodies and identities are inherently entangled. The dance itself became a cueing system based on perception, a communication puzzle, a series of documenting bodies around you, and a machine with its own soft momentum. . 

Performed at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
July 14-16, 2017 

Choreography: Danielle Ross                                                                      Performed by: Oluyinka Akinjiola, claire barrera, Simeon Jacob, keyon gaskin, and Danielle Ross                                                                                          Video Design: DB Amorin                                                                                      Sound Design: Chloe Alexandra Thompson                                                   Vocal Composition and Performance: Stephanie Lavon Trotter                    Lighting Design: Brian Jennings                                                                      Costume Design: Danielle Ross                                                                         Seamster: Mike Treffehn                                                                                  Text: Stacey Tran, Franny Choi, and Hanif Willis-Abduraqqib


Video Editing: Kelly Rauer        Photos: Chelsea Petrakis